Sirko & Associates is a licensed and insured veteran owned company primarily operating in the Atlanta metro area with branch offices throughout the state. Our leadership team is comprised of former law enforcement professionals, seasoned private detectives, experienced security professionals and military veterans, with decades of combined experience.

We have built a strong and unique team with a range of experiences. With our diverse backgrounds, we are able to offer clients a unique skill set that they won't find at any other security or investigation firm. 

We operate much like a police or military special unit, constantly training and developing better, safer ways to provide our clients with innovative solutions. We don’t like the sayings “it has always been done like that” or “it has never happen to us before” and work with clients to give them the best solutions to protect their business, family, assets and themselves.

We are confident we will be able to provide solutions for any of your investigation or security needs.

Although we do not list our branch locations due to confidentiality, Sirko & Associates has a large network of experienced professionals throughout Georgia, the United States and abroad.