Security Guard Services

Security Guard Services

At Sirko & Associates, we realize that one type of service does not fit every client's needs. We take the time to listen to our client's and work with them to develop a service package which not only meets their demands, but also stays within their budget. Sirko & Associates offers a wide range of security services, which you can read more about below!



Patrol Services


 Sirko & Associates Patrol offers vehicle patrol 24 hours a day. Highly Trained Patrol Officers will conduct random checks of your property in addition to responding to calls for service. Our patrol vehicles are clearly marked and driven by patrol staff. In addition to acting as a visual deterrent, our patrol officers are ready to handle any situation that may arise. 


 Each Sirko & Associates Patrol vehicle is equipped with lights, communications equipment (radio), and computer systems for report writing and dispatch. With Black Sirko & Associates, you will be notified of any incident that occurs on your property. Officers can write reports in the field immediately after an incident, while it is still fresh in their minds as opposed to returning to the office, which decreases the chance of any mistakes. As soon as an officer submits a report, it is checked by a supervisor and sent electronically to the client. 


 Sirko & Associates Patrol offers different patrol packages so you can choose the number times an officer checks your property in a 24-hour period. All of our patrol packages include 24-hour dispatch access.




Security Guards


 Sirko & Associates also offers security guards that will be assigned exclusively to your property. Security guards are available armed or unarmed depending on your needs. All our guards are licensed through the state of Georgia and receive ongoing training to ensure they can adequately protect your property. Our security guards can be posted at the front of your business to prevent theft or be assigned to patrol an entire property. 


 Whether the account is a small store or an large apartment complex, Sirko & Associates guarantees our guards will show up on time, and look professional. Just like our Patrol Division, the security guards have access to a mobile app on their smart phones, which allows them to write reports any time an incident occurs. Our guards are ready to take any action necessary to protect our client's lives and property.


 In addition to having a security guard on your property, officers from our Patrol Division will respond as backup if an incident occurs. 



Event Staff


 Sirko & Associates can provide security officers for any events you may have. You can choose whether you need armed or unarmed guards, and what type of uniform you want them to wear (we will provide you with the options). Sirko & Associates is ready to handle any event, including but not limited to:


- Sports Games                              

- Concerts

- Banquets

- Fairs/Carnivals

- Block Parties

- Fundraisers

- School Events

- Movie Premiers

- Private Parties

- Conventions/Trade Shows



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