Security Guard Services

Security Guard Services

Property owners and management companies are required by law to provide a safe premises for all individuals legally on their property and to exercise ordinary care to prevent foreseeable third-party criminal attacks, such as rapes, shootings, assaults, or robberies. For example, should a proprietor have reason to anticipate a criminal act based on knowledge of a security lapse or of previous crime on or near property, he or she then has a duty to exercise ordinary care to deter such crime and protect those legally on their premises from harm.

Security should be more than show.

We've created an unsurpassed standard for security guard services.


Sirko & Associates Security Guard Services actively promotes safe and secure places throughout Georgia and Tennessee.  Guards are carefully screened and selected, trained effectively, and can provide service for beyond industry standard. We've committed to providing diligent and dedicated guards that do more than create a "presence". Sirko & Associates guards are active and equipped individuals trained by the same entities responsible for training law enforcement, military, and government agencies.


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